mercoledì 4 febbraio 2009

Bingo Onomatopoeia

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Vi invitano all'apertura di /Invite you at the Opening of

Bingo Onomatopoeia aka Andreas Mueller

Wednesday, February 04 - Friday, February 06, 2009
(11 PM CET - 02 PM SLT)

ARENA EX.IT slurl: (

Andreas Mueller / Bingo Onomatopoeia, Regensburg, Germany

Andreas Mueller, member of the media-art group Pomodoro Bolzano, started exploring the sonic universe with a tape recorder as early as during elemantary-school, when he tried out things from a book on tape-experiments from the school's library. During his teenage years in the eighties, while playing in noisy bands, he started publishing experimental tracks through the international tape-trader scene. Despite some detours into other fields of performing arts (mainly painting) his main focus has stayed on audio-art. His latest works were contributions for Das kleine Fieldrecording Festival in Regensburg and Berlin, Ljudrum in Eskilstuuna/Sweden and several Placards, mainly under the name Transponderfish. With his avatar Bingo Onomatopoeia he researches the creative potential of the virtual reality in Second Life: by networking, collaborating with other artists, building instruments for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and by performing with these.

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