venerdì 26 dicembre 2008

Luce Laval

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Luce Laval
Friday, December 26 - Sunday, December 28. 2008

(10 PM CET - 01 PM SLT)


I am luce laval and I was born into this virtual world on March 14 2007.

I flew and wandered without a goal for some time to find a reason for "this life'' until I discovered INDIRE (Italian sand box ) and a window opened into the world of unlimited imagination and creativity and I found my reason.

In the Indire sandbox I met welcoming friends who helped me along this discovery of the ''build.'' They were there with me the first time I showed my work to the Pyramid of Indire Museum and this inspired my creativity to explode. It was also here that I met Jeb Söderström (artist and scripter) who helped me complete my training.

The colors, the reflection and movement are the''whole''of my sculptures and, although not a scripter, I create scripts to use in my work.

I like to get extreme and and experiment which sometimes results in unexpected effects I had not planned -- "happy accidents."

I create much of my work on the Platform Kastalia in the Vulcano sim, a fantastic island which provides room for me to explore creatively. I have found wonderful synergy here with some wonderful artist friends.

More recently, I have been creating pieces on Caerleon Isle (an American sim) with wonderfully generous artists where I continue experimenting with other forms of art.

My work has been exhibited or can be found in the follwing galleries:

Museo del Metaverso (director Roxelo Babenco)
Greenfield Room - Post Utopia (Director Roberta Greenfield)
Lars Art Gallery (Director Lars Riederer)
Creation Studio 33 Art Maniac (Director Monroe Snook )
BooPerFunk Gallery of Art (Director Booperfunk Moseley)
Factory ArtHouse (Director Primo Furse)
The world of glass (Director Flower Exonar)
La Piramide (Director Lyon Igaly)

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