sabato 6 dicembre 2008

Patrick MOYA

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Patrick MOYA
Saturday, December 6 - Monday, December 8- 2008
(01 PM SLT)

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Born in 1955 in France, Patrick MOYA study the Fine Arts at "Villa Arson" in Nice, before working as a Fine-Art model (nude !) during ten years.After that, he never stop painting, sculpting, drawing, performing but always about/with his own name, MOYA, and his own image.Since 1985, he also create with a computer, first digital images then 3D movies. In 1995, he thinks up his little "moya", mix of himself and Pinocchio, that he declines in "pseudo-naive" paintings.Very famous in the south of the France (his gallery is the same than for artists of "Ecole de Nice" Movement, Klein, Arman, César, Ben etc), he is often travelling for exhibitions in Paris, London, Italy, Europe, Asia, and sometimes USA.Creator of Dolly, the "mascotte" of the famous teckno parties named Dolly Party, he has just finished (june 2007) his Chapel (a fresco about saint John the baptist, made on a basis of self-portraits), who is located in Clans, a little village nearby Nice.
Today he owns an island at his name in the virtual world of Second Life, whose he is now one of the most dynamic performers, with the avatar's name of Moya Janus.On the Moya Island, you are entering in an island completely dedicated to Art, where all is made with real and virtual works of the french artist.

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