lunedì 10 novembre 2008

Sasun Steinbeck

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Sasun Steinbeck
Tuesday, November 11. - Thursday, November 13. 2008


Sasun Steinbeck is creator of a unique style of interactive art in Second Life, Morphing Sculpture. Using complex scripting techniques Sasun's sculptures are able to change shape, creating a dynamic sculpture that is always fascinating to watch. Rather than relying on a static set of shapes, Sasun's Morphing Sculpture can change into an infinite number of shapes that owners can enjoy for a lifetime.

Sasun is also the creator and maintainer of the biggest registry of art galleries in Second Life at,, fulfilling the need to help art lovers everywhere connect to the many excellent art galleries in Second Life. The list currently has over 550 confirmed galleries on it and is distributed via notecard and a custom designed Gallery Tour HUD at kiosks at all of the galleries on the list.

The Kiosk.Net networked kiosk system used to distribute the list was also created by Sasun Steinbeck and is widely used by many residents as well as Linden Labs to distribute information, magazines, and objects across Second Life to their customers.

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