martedì 7 ottobre 2008

ARENA Call for Artists: details

Following numerous questions about the procedures for accession to Arena Call for artists, here are some details:

D: How I can partecipate to Arena?

R: You need to send an email to, specify in the object "Arena - real name or aka"; you need to provide the follow informations in the email: generality (real name or aka), picture or a link of your art works.

It's Recommended the registration to the art culture group on the social network , where we will publish Useful informations about the event.We will provide the same informations through the mediartculture group in Second Life.
On Flickr was opened the group "Arena Call for Artists", where you can publish your works.

D: What are the 5 groups “visual art, ricreative art & performance, architecture & design, moda & fashion, free style?"

R:The first 4 groups represent the specific artistic areas of art culture, instead the 5° group is for the artists that are out of the others groups.

D: How is extended the place of the exibithion?

R:It's 1/2 of land with 1500/2000 for each artist.For special expositions it's possible to required more prims.

D: I can choose the dates for my exibithion?

R:The artist can indicate the favorite days for his/her partecipation, and we will try to follow his/her preference.

(Traslated by Micalita Writer)

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