giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

Selavy Oh

uqbar. media art culture e Rinascimento Virtuale

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Selavy Oh
venerdi/friday 31. ottobre/october - domenica/sunday 02. novembre/november. 2008

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rezzed 2/28/2007

Conceptual Artist

The idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work.
Color and texture are ends in themselves.
Things that exist exist, and everything is on their side.
The important thing is just this matter of timing ...


Selected works

Solo Exhibitions
Nested cubes (Angelgate 2008)
Systems of reference (Arthole 2008)
Nested cubes (curated by Helfe Ihnen, DEsign Island 2008)

Solo Performance
Micro-performances (curated by Nur Moo, Poetik Party, Sintetika, 2008)

Permanent Exhibition
Tectonics (Museo del Metaverso 2007-2008)
Cube descending ... (Museo del Metaverso 2008)
The Conditions of Discourse (Museo del Metaverso 2008)

Group Exhibitions
Sketchbook (Moleskine for “Rinascimento Virtuale”, curated by Fabio Fornasari, Firenze, 2008)
Soft Structure ("Kiss The Sky" curated by DanCoyote Antonelli, NMC Arts Lab 2008)
Frozen moment ("Kiss The Sky" curated by DanCoyote Antonelli, NMC Arts Lab 2008)
Spatial Decomposition II ("Radiance" curated by Bau Ur, Angelgate 2008)
Invisible space & double structure (SL5B, 2008)
Forbidden space & spatial anomaly (curated by Amy Freelunch & Jay Newt, BiW, SL5B, 2008)
Self portrait ("The REAL me" curated by Oberon Onmura, Man-a-hatta Gallery 2008)

Open Exhibitions
Chain (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Object (attractive art) (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Forbidden space (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Spatial Decomposition (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Black Cube (various locations, 2007-2008)
Architectural Intervention (Open Odyssey 2007)
Architectural Intervention II (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Blue Curtain (Open Odyssey 2007/ Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Cubic Hail (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Spiral (1001 white cubes) (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)
Leaving traces ... (Brooklyn Is Watching 2008)

Selected Publications (online)